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This is an outdated mod that is no longer supported by its author. Use at your own risk
Mod Name:
Static Page Mod
Created By:
First Created:
May 16, 2005, 12:48:02 PM
Last Modified:
July 06, 2005, 02:59:07 PM
Latest Version:
Compatible With:
1.0.4, 1.0.5, 1.1 Beta 3 Public
Total Downloads:

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Manual Install Instructions for SMF


Important: ModSettings Textarea

If you have installed the ModSettings Textarea mod, you should uninstall it prior to installation of the Static Page Mod. The functionality of the Textarea mod is included to the Static Page Mod.

Purpose / Description

Adding up to 10 static pages within SMF.
You can use static pages for stuff like forum rules, information about your forum, etc.
New: Since Static Page Mod 1.2, PHP is supported, too.

Supported languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
If you'd like to have your language supported, please send me your translations.

After installation, you will have a new section in Forum Configuration / Edit Features and Options called Static Page Mod Options.
There you can enter HTML code or PHP for up to 10 different static pages:

To call your static pages, use the following URL format:
Code: [Select] the "X" at the end of this URL stands for 1,2,3,... — so this is the number of your static page.

These static pages are displayed in the main section of SMF — between header and footer:

How to upgrade from a previous version

  • Go to "Forum Configuration / Edit Features & Options / Static Page Mod Options" and copy all your HTML/PHP sourcecode into a textfile — this is for backup purposes since these texts will be deleted in the following
  • Uninstall the Static Page Mod in the Package Manager
  • Delete the Static Page Mod in the Package Manager
  • Install the latest Static Page Mod with the Package Manager
  • Go to "Forum Configuration / Edit Features & Options / Static Page Mod Options" and copy the backed up text into the the textareas

(Date format: Day.Month.Year)
03.07.05 Release Static Page Mod 1.3 (works with SMF 1.0.4, 1.0.5 & 1.1 Beta 3 Public)
03.07.05  Fixed: staticpagemod.xml for ModSettings.php modification being compatible with 1.1 Beta 3 Public

02.07.05 Release Static Page Mod 1.2 (works with SMF 1.0.4 & 1.0.5)
02.07.05  Added: PHP support for the static page content
02.07.05  Added: title in the mod options for each page content
02.07.05  Added: extended from 5 to 10 static pages
02.07.05  Added: help in the mod settings

25.06.05  Checked: Works fine with SMF 1.0.5

11.06.05 Release Static Page Mod 1.1 (works with SMF 1.0.4)
11.06.05  Added: Functionality of mod "ModSettings Textarea Mod 1.0.3"
11.06.05  Added: French language support

16.05.05 Release Static Page Mod 1.0 (works with SMF 1.0.3)