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Simple ImageShack
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New Feature
First Created:
May 27, 2005, 04:49:23 AM
Last Modified:
February 03, 2011, 06:07:37 AM
Latest Version:
Compatible With:
1.1.11, 2.0 RC3
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A new major release of SIS is coming!

Simple ImageShack 3
Author: SimpleTweaks - Rik©

Link to Mod | Support Topic | My Mods

! Uninstall any other version of SIS before installing !
SIS v3 requires PHP extension cURL

With this mod you can upload and host images directly from your SMF forum. Usefull if you don't have a lot of bandwidth and/or webspace but still want your members to be able to post images.
It will work with 99% of the available themes. Please note that if, on the rare occasion, the template you are using has it's own 'Post.template.php' file you will have to edit its 'Post.template.php' file manually after installation of Simple ImageShack.

For more info and support visit

english + english-utf8
dutch + dutch-utf8
french + french-utf8 (vroum)
greek + greek-utf8 (nikan)
persian + persian-utf8 (rostamiani)
portuguese + portuguese-utf8 (FragaCampos)
russian + russian-utf8 (
turkish + turkish-utf8  (erorcun)

SimpleTweaks welcomes translations.
Please submit your translation @ the support topic or SimpleTweaks site.

Version Information
SIS v3.0.xSMF 1.1.11
SIS v3.1.xSMF 2.0 RC3

SIS License Information
Simple ImageShack is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported license.

By downloading and/or using Simple ImageShack v3 you agree to adhere to the following conditions:
- You are FREE to use this MOD on your SMF Forums, however, in no way can the Author/Creator of this MOD be held responsible under any circumstances.
- You understand that this MOD is provided "as is" and the said Author/Creator will not be held responsible for any use and/or misuse of this MOD by any and/or all members on your forum(s).
- You are FREE to redistribute this MOD in its original, released state ONLY!
- ImageShack® TOS


· Sakae
· jjkoletar
· tanakkas
· tmw

! bug fix | x changed | + added feature | - Info
!  Fixed 'FileType error' bug (not for all cURL versions).
+ Added 'Classic upload-form' option/link to the 'xml return failed' message.
+ Persian + Persian-utf8 (by rostamiani)
-  Updated Greek language

!  Fixed 'FileType error' bug (not for all cURL versions).
+ Added 'Classic upload-form' option/link to the 'xml return failed' message.
+ Persian + Persian-utf8 (by rostamiani)
-  Optimized CSS
-  Updated Greek language

!  Fixed 'board-permissions array' bug.

!  Fixed 'sidebar' bug.

Simple ImageShack for SMF 2.0 RC3!
x Some english $txt rewritten.
x Optimized uninstall.
+ Option to choose 'loader image'.
+ Option to choose readme language (mod-package).
+ Turkish + Turkish-utf8 (by erorcun)
-  Settings page only available in english and dutch (other languages will follow soon).

!  Fixed 'Apostrophes (') not escaped in french translation' bug.

!  Fixed 'image_thumb=yes with small images' bug.
!  Fixed 'Missing <small> in lang files' bug.
x New Simple ImageShack settings page in admin section.
x New language system.
x Correct Russian Translation.
+ Option to choose which image-links to show.

!  Fixed 'No skip for english-utf8 in mod-package' bug.
x Improved Greek Translation.
+ Option to put the upload-form inside or below the additional options.
+ French (by vroum)
+ Greek + Greek-utf8 (by nikan)
+ Russian + Russian-utf8 (by

!  Fixed 'Image Path Not Set' bug.
x Improved install.
+ Extra security.
+ Greek-utf8 (by villasg)
+ Portuguese + Portuguese -utf8 (by FrageCampos)

x Now powered by ImageShack XML API.
x Moved the mod to additional options.
x Improved readme and install.
x New license.
+ Multiple language support.
+ English + English-utf8
+ Dutch + Dutch-utf8.
- Update for SMF 1.1.x

x Improved readme and install.
- Update for SMF 1.1.x

-Initial Release (May 27, 2005)

Silk icons by Mark James
Simple ImageShack ©2005-2010, SimpleTweaks