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This is an outdated mod that is no longer supported by its author. Use at your own risk
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Advanced Visual Verification (captcha)
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First Created:
September 17, 2006, 09:56:04 AM
Last Modified:
August 17, 2007, 06:05:34 AM
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Please see here for an updated version of this mod.

Advanced Visual Verification Mod
by HarzeM

This mod replaces default verification code system of SMF 1.1 with an advanced system.

Only Works for SMF 1.1!

- Ask image in registration
- Ask image in guest posting
- Ask image when a guest or a member searches the forum
- Ask image when sending personal messages
- One image can be valid for more than one searches or PMs!
- Put an upper limit of failures
- Block users by defined minutes when they reach maximum failure limit
- Select one of the three image types and backgrounds
- Select image size
- Select number of characters
- Generate effective images even if your server doesn't have GD installed!
- Generate effective fonts even if your server doesn't have FreeType installed!
- Logs failures in error log.

You can modify the settings via
Admin > Registration > Visual Verification

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Do NOT ask for support or mention your problems with the mod here! Please use the support topic here so I can help you!

Version History:
1.1 - Bug Fix and SMF 1.1 update
1.0 - Initial Release